The  Day  of  English in the camp «Karamel’ky»

   The last but one day in the camp has become. From the very morning till the Closing Party children were speaking only English. Even the head of the camp addressed , thanked and presented awards to the campers only in English too. It was gorgeous! The most active campers have got certificates of award  and sweet prizes. For good reason our camp has got such a name «Karamel’ky»! All the detachments reported in English. Closing Party was finished by Farewell Concert, unforgettable Flash Mob and Merry Disco.

   But the most interesting events we have had today  are events in our English-speaking detachment «Tutti-Frutti». The morning has begun with the morning physical exercises. Children played their favourite team-building games “London bridge”, “Hand to hand”, “Don’t wake the Dragon”, where they showed their quickness and nimbleness. Then it was breakfast time. We had tasty buns with tea, yummy-yummy! After some preparation for the Farewell Concert campers took active part in it. Children recited poems, danced and sang their favourite “Baby shark” , “It’s summer time” , “If you’re happy ”songs. They took part in a stage show “A cat and a mouse”. It was lovely !

After the disco we had delicious dinner time, yummy-yummy ! Then campers had a great fun to play the game “Snakes and ladders”. They showed their intellect, knowledge of English and literacy in wonderful competition “Happy express” too. Chidren were devided into three teams. They made up  the  names and chose the captains. In the “Poetic Station” they recited poems and remembered proverbs. In the “Guessing Station”  children guessed the rebuses. In the “Logical Station” they found the pairs of the famous cartoon heroes. In the “ Grammatical Station” – made up sentences from the given words. In the “Puzzling  Station” they had to find words on the topic «Holidays». Childen were happy to go to the” Happy End Station!” .The winners  got awards and candies of course.

Without hesitation we can say it was not merely interesting but useful. Campers had a great chance to make friends, to extend their vocabulary, to demonstrate and improve their communicative skills, to listen to each other.

It’s a pity to say “Goodbye” to the Summer Camp 2017 ! But we won’t do it , we’ll say “See you soon”!

Yaroshyk T.V.

( the head of the English-speaking detachment)


Спілкуючись англійською, наближаємось до Європи

Тринадцятий відпочинковий день – день англійської мови. Вихованці «Карамельок» сьогодні намагаються розмовляти англійською. Зарядка – англійською, сніданок і обід – англійською. Навіть урочисте закриття табірної зміни відбулося англійською мовою. Святкова дискотека і та виключно англійською.

На урочистостях начальник табору привітала усіх із завершенням зміни, подякувала працівникам і батькам, які створили належні умови для відпочинку дітей. Найбільше таборята очікували грамот і солодощів, адже табір недарма називається «Карамельки». Дійсно, цукерок багато не буває. Відпочивальники, волонтери й два найактивніших загони отримали солодкі призи. Лишається останній день – День рекордів табору.

Цього ж дня у загоні «Tutti-Frutti» проведено ряд заходів, спрямованих на вивчення іноземної мови. Це ігри, вікторини, словникові експреси.

Отож, спілкуючись англійською, крокуємо до Європи.



Структура 2019-2020 н.р.

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