«Англійський вояж» у таборі «Карамельки»

   Восьмий день табірної зміни – агломовний день. У «Карамельках» сьогодні заочна подорож до Англії. Тому переходимо на англійську.

Today was a great day – English Day

   It was an unusual day in our camp “Candies” . We had an English Day “English Trip”.

   So, we began with Physical Warming Up outdoors. Children were very active and happy. Then we had a breakfast. Pupils did not forget to speak only in English.

   Then we had a very interesting program in our departments. For example, department “Crazy Bee” enjoyed watching cartoons, videos, singing songs in English. By the way, these children were the most active on the Physical Warming Up in the morning.

   Departments “Chupa Chups” and “Barbarysky” took part in a quiz “Smart Kids”, where showed great results. There were three teams in this quiz: “Maple”, “Daffodil” and “Clover”. Team “Maple” was the winner.

   Department “Fizzy Candies” was invited to an unreal trip “English with fun”. They had three stations: “Shopping Centre”, “Famous”, “Funny Animals” and only three minutes on each stop. But they were very attentive, smart, quickly and showed great results . They were the best in making emblems too.

   And what about our English-speaking department? “Tutti Frutti” was the busiest today. They listened and discussed the story “One Seed Story”, watched cartoons, sang songs and recited poems, watched the film “London”. They did not forget to learn new words and play different games.

   Each team received gratitudes and sweet awards.

   So, as you can see, every member of our camp had a great fun today!


Закордонець Ю.В., заступник начальника табору «Карамельки»


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